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Should set the price for 18 emeralds per stacks of logs ?

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  1. Hello
    In GTA, we can farm wood in the public tree's and you can sell it after for : 14 emerald per stack's of logs.

    If you make this little calculation : 9x14 = 126 , 126x6 = 756, 756 x 15 = 11 340.
    $11 340 per Double chests of wood -_-

    For one Double chest of wood i need to farm 1h or 1h20 because i didn't get speedmine.
    So it take 10h or 11h to make $110 000.

    Rankup is hard in gta the you need to farm a day for 2 rankup when you're level 10.

    in conclusion i think that TheMcBro should set the price for emerald to 18 emerald per stack of logs.

    If the price is 18 emeralds per stacks of logs, you will get $14 580 per double chest of logs and it can be more easy and people won't complain everytime because the price is too low.

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  2. Yes Need That Fix TheMcBro
  3. atleast it would be better
  4. That is about right, I don't want people to be level 20 in 2 days
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