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  1. My In-Game Name: Vimm_ at the moment (gonna change it to Vimmio_ Soon)
    Age: 16
    Month born: April

    My main Language(s): Hebrew, English.

    Timezone/Country: GMT+2

    What server would you like to be staff on?:

    Your in Donor Rank(s): Legend in Prison GodFather in GTA.

    How active are you on the server?: at least 2-3 hours a day im also active on discord 12/7.

    How long have you been a member of JailMine?: 4 years give or take i dont actually remember a while though.

    Supporting statement: for starters I'm very familiar with the Moderators plugins and know the commands and such I'm a chill guy and i know my way around the server i enjoy helping people and i believe that i change this server for the better and help this community grow and become stronger and bigger!

    What are your main strengths?: I know a lot about the server and i can be a big help, I'm always honest you wont catch me lying because I'm a bad lier, as i said I'm a chill guy and just happy to be around!

    Your punishment history:

    Why should we accept you: because i genuinely think that this server could grow bigger and be fun as it used to be and i can be a huge help doing so.

    Any other things you would like to add?: just to clear up some stuff for people who don't know it me Pantsu_ or by my more popular name dani9021. Also my Discord: Pantsu#5119

    "How do I vote on the server?": You vote by typing /vote and click the link.

    If a player advertises, what would you do?:
    that depends for example is it straight up advertisement or just saying the servers name- (let's call it light advertisement) if it's advertisement (full IP and a "JOIN THIS SERVER AND GET FREE VIP") i'd warn him and if that doesn't do anything i'll call someone with more perms such as a Mod.

    "How do I play prison?": quite easily u first type /warp A and start mine i in the designated area and after u do that u can sell your items by clicking a sign that says "Sell All" and once u have enough money from mining you write /rankup and u do the same all over again u can then get enough money to trade get good item, Pickaxes, Armor, and weapons!

    "Can I have OP?":
    not only I cannot grant you OP because I don't have the Perm for it, the only one who has OP is the Owner, and in general that'd be pretty dumb to so since i don't know if i can trust you.

    "How do I apply for mod?":
    u can go to our forums at or by typing Jailmine on google usually is the first option u then go to the forums section and click on staff applications you'll then see a guide and the format for the application made by MamaBreeze after u copy the format which is quite helpful u click on "post and a new thread", Good Luck!.

    If a player spams on the server, what would you do?:
    politely ask them to stop if he doesn't stop it's a warn and a mute afterward.

    You see a player hacking, however, there are players who need your help, what would you do?:
    I'd tell the people who need help to wait just a moment so i can either warn him or call a higher staff member and then tend to the people in need of help.

    You are in a pvp zone, when suddenly a hacker approaches you. There are no safe zones or area's where you can jail the hacker. What do you do?:
    i either try to run away and try to spawn back home or to the spawn area or accept my death and call a staff member who can then proceed and ban with the player (unless i can do so).

    2 players are arguing in chat. One of them are quite close to you, however, the other player isn't. What would you do?: I think that it doesn't matter what he is to me my duty is to defuse the argument because as a staff member your main goal is to keep the peace and quiet and in order to do so in this situation you'll need to be neutral and look at things from a staff member view and not as a guy helping a friend.

    "Where can I see my punishment history?": you can write in google "Jailmine Ban List" and it's the first website to pop up in the website you can see a search bar just put in your name and you'll see everything.

    "How do I get a plot?":
    you write /plot auto for a random plot and if u want a specific one you write /warp houses (if in GTA) or /warp plot (if in prison), you then go to the plot world and type /plot claim on an unoccupied plot of your choosing.

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