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    My In-Game Name:CreeperBoy05kII
    Month born:07/23/1999
    My main Language(s):English
    Timezone/Country: Philippines (GMT+8)
    What server would you like to be staff on?:Server GTA
    Your in Donor Rank(s):

    Prison -None
    GTA - Godfather
    How active are you on the server?:I'm playing almost everyday on the server for like 8.10 hours per day I will not play just when I have something to do in my real life like school work or something like that.
    How long have you been a member of JailMine?:It's been almost 3 years since I've been playing on jailmine.
    Supporting statement (
    How will you contribute & what makes you different than other players; make sure you add detail):
    The majority of you may know that I was previously a Senior Moderator for JailMine and some of us have bad memories and some of us have really good memories. Now as a Senior Moderator I could do a lot, and I would like to think that at some point I changed the server, or was changing the server. I was responsible for the Staff Team with Best, I worked with others to literally re-create the server and forum rules, I moderated both In-Game and on the Forum. I made announcements with best based on both our decisions, I made peoples day by giving them the chance to become a Trial Mod, I also smashed people's days in half by demoting them and so on. What I'm trying to say is I've worked with bestteamever171 before and at one point we was working together, making choices together, I would like to think he trusted me just as much as I trusted him to make choices. If I am appointed "System Administrator" best can expect just as much trust as before with a little extra maturity since I have grown up 3 years since we first started talking. As a System Administrator I will do my best to help both in-game on the forums, I can literally do almost anything I've built things for the server before, I've made Formats and edited the forums previously, I managed the Staff Team before and I just think that the experience I have is the best choice to be a System Administrator.
    I already know the comments will suggest that "You're Inactive" and "You was bad at one point", and Yes I think I know this myself but I've always said it and will continue to say it that JailMine will always be in the head, think about it I've been with this server for over 3 Years I can't just give up on it and if it wants to restart and regrow then I am ready to step up and do my bit just like I did when I first became a Trial Mod. If I am appointed this I will instantly get back to making formats for the forumes, making new sections for the forums and making sure that the forums is kept clean and is updated when needed. In-Game I will do my best to assist those who need an Administrator and I will never refuse to give my help to any Staff Member who needs me.
    If anyone knows what I can do it's best and he's the one I need to prove that I can do everything I did before but better, just give me another chance to help JailMine, I know I can do it but I just need to prove to the community that I am again ready to serve everyone probably for another year or more.
    What are your main Strengths:

    In terms of work:
    Forums Formatting
    Website Editing
    In-Game Administrating
    Setting up Plugins In-Game
    Your Punishment History:
    Why should we accept you? (What are your aims + how will you help the server):
    *Not going to re-write everything I wrote above*
    Any other things you would like to add?:
    "How do I vote on the server?":
    Type ./vote In-Game and then click on the link in the chat which will then take you to the website, click on the links in the thread and follow the instructions on the voting website.
    If a player advertises, what would you do?:
    Take a screenshot and then follow the moderator guide to determine the punishment.
    "How do I play prison?" (you can change the server if you want):
    The basic concept is to mine materials and sell them at sell signs to make money, the idea is that the more you mine the higher you can get in the rankup. The higher the ranks the better the mines therefore you should be making more money the higher you go up. You can turn to PvP if need be to collect gear and sell it to lower ranks. Donating also allows you to gain an advantage in both PvP and ranking up.
    "Can I have OP?":
    No (If there is a punishment for asking for OP then follow the Moderator guide to determine the punishment for the player).
    "How do I apply for mod?":
    Go to the website, find the applications section. Go to the "Applications Format" and copy and paste it into a Thread that you will make. Fill out the format and then post it.
    If a player spams on the server, what would you do?:
    Follow the Moderator Guide/Rules and determine the punishment for this player.
    You see a player hacking, however, there are players who need your help, what would you do?:
    Tell the players who are asking for help to wait a couple minutes, deal with the immediate threat which is a hacker and follow the Moderator Guide/Rules to determine the punishment for this player. After dealing with the hacker I will then assist the players who needed my help.
    You are in a pvp zone, when suddenly a hacker approaches you. There are no safe zones or area's where you can jail the hacker. What do you do?:
    If godmode is not an option then I will either fight the hacker or ./warp out if I am able to, once I am safe I will then follow the Moderator Guide/Rules to determine the punishment for this player.
    "Where can I see my punishment history?":
    A link can be provided by a Staff Member or when added to the website you can go there and click the link.
    "How do I get a plot?":
    Type ./Plot in-game and then type "./plot help claiming", this will then show you how to get a plot.
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  2. Impossible you were never a senior moderator.

    Simply Bullcrap, I know bestteamever171 (well not really) has never worked with anyone besides @TheMcBro , you've never played for 3 year's (Not that I know of, if you have please tell me your old username). This application is going to be denied for lying and copy pasting. Your not 20 because your too immature this is based on how you act in-game on gta, based on this your probably 13 or 15.You copied @KoalaBoi 's application. Now try again at a later stage where staff application's are open again.

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