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  1. My In-Game Name: NiallOShea

    Age: 18

    My main Language(s): English

    Timezone/Country: GMT+0

    What server would you like to be staff on?: Global. If unavailable, Prison

    Your Donor Rank(s): Don (GTA), Highest rank when Skyblock was available, think it was Skylord, Immortal (Prison), Commander (Survival)

    How active are you on the server?: Relatively frequently, especially recently. I expect to keep that activeness.

    How long have you been a member of JailMine?: May 2014, just shy of 7 years

    Supporting statement: Being a part of the community for such a vast amount of time shows how much I've enjoyed my time here vividly. I was previously part of the staff team here also until exams took priority about 3 years ago, and again last year. I was a well-known member and numerous past members can vouch for my dedication and active time on the server. I also participated in a project with staff member 'themanwithaplan', building a prison and op-prison server which, due to funding, we never hosted and sold instead. I feel this experience in the JailMine community and Minecraft, in general, makes me a strong candidate

    What are your main strengths?:
    - Experience in Moderation of Online Forums
    - Experience within the JailMine community
    - An understanding of server administration
    - Previous experience within the JailMine staff team
    - Knowledge of the server through previous and current interaction

    Your punishment history: Unable to attach as punishment history site is no longer available. I can assure you however that my record was significantly clean.

    Why should we accept you? I plan to use my prior knowledge and experience to regulate server forums, in-game chat, and in-game behaviour such as the use of a programme or exploit to gain an unfair advantage in regards to what is available to other users. I also plan to provide aid wherever necessary whether it be a communication issue between users, restricted activity or requests from fellow staff members or administration.

    Any other things you would like to add?: More than 7 years of operation is a massive achievement. I've been here through the highs-and-lows of the server. I played a role, however minor it may be, in the moderation of the server during a period of that time and would like to serve that purpose once again.
    Mandatory Situational Scenarios:
    "How do I vote on the server?": /vote in the text box, which will redirect to forum post containing vote site URLs. Alternatively, visit forums and click the hyperlink 'Vote'.

    If a player advertises, what would you do?: If accidental/unintentional, advise player of the restrictions of the mentioning of other server names, regarding this as a verbal warning. If intentional, taking action to block the communications of the user to limit the user's advertisement, then proceeding to prohibit the user from accessing the server and forums.

    "How do I play prison/survival/gta?": Use the 'Server Selector' tool and click the symbol titled to the respective server for access. Alternatively, type /server *name* for access to the respective server.

    "Can I have OP?": To put it bluntly, no.

    "How do I apply for mod?":
    By opening the JailMine forums, proceeding to the 'Applications and Help' tab and clicking 'Staff Applications'. Proceed to the post titled 'Staff Application Format', copy said format and proceed to answer the questions. Take note of the restrictions such as age and language access.

    If a player spams on the server, what would you do?:
    Limit said players communications abiding by the recommended actions; temporary limitation of communication, each one substantially longer, until a total restriction of communications is enforced, only removable via Appeal.

    You see a player hacking, however, there are players who need your help, what would you do?:
    First priority will always be a player using a programme to gain an unfair advantage as this significantly reduces the enjoyment of other users on the server. Once the immediate issue is resolved, then proceed to aid the previous users.

    You are in a pvp zone, when suddenly a hacker approaches you. There are no safe zones or area's where you can jail the hacker. What do you do?:
    If communication allows it, advise another staff member of the situation so they can take action. If communication is unavailable and/or another staff member is not available, then I would personally attempt to reach a safe zone and perform the necessary action to reduce the impact the user has on other users by following recommended action; a jail or a ban.

    2 players are arguing in chat. One of them are quite close to you, however, the other player isn't. What would you do?:
    Bias cannot be a factor in situations such as these, or in any situation where moderation is required. First action would be to attempt to resolve said incident without having to limit the communications of either player. If unable to, then a temporary mute may aid in resolving the issue. If matter continues, then a longer duration may be necessary.

    "Where can I see my punishment history?":

    "How do I get a plot?":
    By typing '/plot auto' to receive a plot at random, or by standing on an unclaimed plot and typing '/plot claim'. For further queries, type '/plot' for help regarding plots.

    I appreciate the time taken to review this application. I await a response.
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    Nice app
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