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    My In-Game Name: Pantsu__

    Age: 15

    Month born: April 20th.

    My main Language(s): Hebrew and English.

    Timezone/Country: IL GMT+2

    What server would you like to be staff on?: Prison.

    Your in Donor Rank(s): Prison: Legend GTA: Godfather.

    How active are you on the server?: I came back to the server so I am very active! I also have discord.

    How long have you been a member of JailMine?: 4 years

    Supporting statement: I really hope for a change, I love the server I've been apart of it almost since the start. I think that every bit helps restoring the server to it's former glory and it clearly had some! Im not so different from others because everybody wants a change. And I think I provide some of that change!

    What are your main strengths?: I don't get angry easily, I'm fairly good with other people.

    Your punishment history:

    Why should we accept you?: I think I could be a fine addition to the Jailmine staff crew since I know all about it and I can fully help other players.

    Any other things you would like to add?: My discord: Pantsu__#1010

    "How do I vote on the server?": You can vote for the server by using the /vote command clicking the three links the instructions will be there!

    If a player advertises, what would you do?: I'll first warn him and tell him that advertising is not allowed and if he continues unintentionally ill ban him for a week him and if apparently he keeps on going ill permanently ban him.

    "How do I play prison?" : You can start by using the command /warp a mine some sell your items that you just mined and you can rank up by using the command /rankup which will get you to a better mine you can also purchase a rank which will get you a special mine and kit.

    "Can I have OP?": The only one who has OP is the admin and higher ranked staff members, normal players you are not allowed to.

    "How do I apply for mod?": You can go to the forums under "staff applications" and apply for the role!
    If a player spams on the server, what would you do?: first time I give him a warn he continues ill mute him for some time.

    You see a player hacking, however, there are players who need your help, what would you do?: It really is depends on the situation, for an instance if the hacker is just at spawn and forgot to turn off his "kill aura" ill attend to the two players in need but if the hacker massacres the server ill have to do something about him and only then ill help the two other players.

    You are in a pvp zone, when suddenly a hacker approaches you. There are no safe zones or area's where you can jail the hacker. What do you do?: I will either fight him off if I can maybe even ask some other online mod to help me and there's always the option to sacrifice myself so others can keep on having fun.

    2 players are arguing in chat. One of them are quite close to you, however, the other player isn't. What would you do?: my first step will be to see what are they both arguing about afterwards Ill ask to hear both sides of the story. It also doesn't really matter how close he is to me I volunteered to do something important and so I don't take sides, I hear two sides and prove who did what wrong.

    "Where can I see my punishment history?": You can open your browser and search for JailMine punishment history and it should be there!

    "How do I get a plot?": first of all you got to be rank D afterwards you need to use the command /warp plots after you got there simply type /plot auto or you can search for a specific plot you want and just step on it check if it isn't occupied and type /plot claim command!
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  8. Great application dani, hope to see you around. :D
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