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  1. My In-Game Name: nikolakinset
    Age: 17
    Month born: 6/30/2001
    My main Language(s): English
    Timezone/Country: (GMT+8) The Philipines
    What server would you like to be staff on?: Prison
    Your in Donor Rank(s): Legend
    How active are you on the server?: 2-4 hrs. monday to thursday
    How long have you been a member of JailMine?: maybe 1year
    Supporting statement (How will you contribute & what makes you different than other players; make sure you add detail):
    I just want to be my staff member just to help me with the server
    What are your main strengths?:
    I want to see a hacker to kill me and if i see he use hack before i warn him

    Your punishment history:

    Why should we accept you? (What are your aims + how will you help the server):
    because I want to be a staff member and i want to help the server to protect the server to many hacker
    Any other things you would like to add?: i want make a op prison server.
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    very good
    +1 10/10 very good
    i cried thank you for making me witness such greatness @NlkolaKlnset

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