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  1. My In-Game Name: Kalajdzzin__
    Age: 16 years
    Month born (if under 14, delete this query if you are 14/over): 16.April.2004
    My main Language(s): Serbian and English
    Timezone/Country: (UTC+01:00) Belgrade,Bratislava,Budapest,LJubljana,Prague / Serbia
    What server would you like to be staff on?: At Prison
    Your in Donor Rank(s): No
    How active are you on the server?: I play on jailmine 5 years ago,my first nickname is Nikola_PvP_Gamer and my new acc is Kalajdzzin__
    How long have you been a member of JailMine?: 5 years
    Supporting statement:
    Every day I am active on the server, I can help new players with some things they do not know because I am always on the server. I can very well recognize when someone is using hack or does not use allowed language or strange symbols.
    What are your main strengths?: what exactly do you mean?
    Your punishment history: If someone uses a hack I'm ready to drop it from the server for a while, but first I need to make sure.
    And if someone does not use the permitted language or symbols: 1. I will warn him to stop doing so.
    2. If they continue to use illicit language or symbols, they will mute it.
    Why should we accept you? You should accept me because a lot of mod's are not active on the server.
    My goals are to reduce the number of hackers on the server and to show people how they should behave. And I like to build, I could make spawn and some other warps.
    Any other things you would like to add?:
    1. More people on the server 2. Beautiful spawn 3. More events (Easter event, New Year event and many more)
    4. And many other things.
    "How do I vote on the server?": Write / vote and go to the browser or go to the link https://jailmine.co.uk/forum/index.php?threads/vote
    If a player advertises, what would you do?: If someone advertised another server, they would immediately ban it for 1 year.If he does not use the permissible language he would first warn him and then be mute.
    "How do I play prison?" (you can change the server if you want): You need to dig and move to the highest rank on the prison server to get more money and better things.
    "Can I have OP?": No, only the server owner has total control on the server
    "How do I apply for mod?": You have to go to the Jail Mine site, log in and find the "apply apply" section in the "FORUM" section. LINK: www.jailmine.co.uk
    If a player spams on the server, what would you do?: He would warn him first, if he continued to spam, she would mutate him
    You see a player hacking, however, there are players who need your help, what would you do?: He would ban the hacker and then help the player attacked by the hacker (he would repair things or give them back if he lost them)
    You are in a pvp zone, when suddenly a hacker approaches you. There are no safe zones or area's where you can jail the hacker. What do you do?: I would try to defend myself if I had things to fight, if it killed me and I had evidence that the hacker would ban him if I wasn't sure the hacker would put him in jail.
    2 players are arguing in chat. One of them are quite close to you, however, the other player isn't. What would you do?: He would have warned both players, if they continued the feud he would mutate them
    "Where can I see my punishment history?": Type /stats
    "How do I get a plot?": Type /plot auto and you got your own plot,and you can add more players on your plot or deny players from you plot.

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