i dont use hack

Discussion in 'Report Abuse' started by DeathTorva, Dec 2, 2018.

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  1. I hope u understand people i am playing at computer shop with my friends i dont use hax cause i have donors and ill buy it to
    play i dont use it hax i dont know what is hax u mean i am playing with normal i am not losing my real life money then ban
  2. You've been caught using speedmine, fastplace and nametags several times so i made a report on you and also you've been ban evading and all the names that are on your ip are banned for hacking.
  3. i dont use hack bro i am playing at computer shop only cause my own pc broken i hope you understand my account
    have know password my friend
  4. Explain this:

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  5. i got axe eff4 unb i dont use hax that if i play
  6. An efficiency 4 axe cannot insta-break blocks just like you did in the video. neither a efficiency 5 axe. if you used a efficiency 4 axe you probably used Huzuni/Wurst Speedmine at 1.2/1.4 mine speed.

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