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  1. SkinyPorny9 can you maybe give timestamps where it happens?
    Also in the second proof you got teamed.
    FuckingFriends and Mamlala killed you, Mamlala was upstairs while FuckingFriends walked into the house
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  2. Niceeeee Prooof HAHAHA I didnt use hacks you will see? upload_2018-12-3_17-27-55.png
  3. He is NOOB ONLY XD and idk FuckingFriends USe hacks idk
  4. DeathTorva And Expert2014 Is Only OnE

  6. i always die for hacking Fuckingfriends then i record
  7. LoL Skinny You Not Shift
  8. SkinnyPorny9 That you died I can see that but that doesn't answer my question.
    Can you say time stamps on where FuckingFriends killed you?

    And just to be clear to anybody when you die it doesn't always mean that it is because somebody is a hacker.
    Sometimes they are just better in the game, thats it.
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  9. What do you mean with "They"?
  10. It's easy to relog lmao your f3+f2 proof nothing

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