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  1. My In-Game Name:
    United States (CDT)
    What server would you like to be staff on?:
    Prison & Survival
    Your in game Donor Rank(s):
    Immortal, Commander, Don
    How active are you on the server?:
    When the server was opened, I was active almost everyday for at least 3 hours during the weekdays and for more hours on the weekends.
    How long have you been a member of JailMine?:
    I have been a member of JailMine since June of 2016.
    Staff Experience:
    I was helper on a survival server last year before it unfortunately shut down, as well as being a previous junior moderator on this server.
    Why should we accept you?:
    I should be accepted as being a part of the staff team because I have a lot of experience within the JailMine community. I know and I understand all of the server rules. I also have knowledge about hacked clients as I used to mess around with them myself. So I will usually know the difference between hacks and legit.

    "How do I vote on the server?":
    In game, you have to type /vote and click on all the links and verify that you are a human.
    If a player advertises, what would you do?:
    It depends on the situation. If the advertising was on purpose, then they deserve a permanent ban.
    "How do I play prison?":
    You play prison by using a pickaxe and mining at your corresponding mine. You can sell your ores at sign shops or if you have autosell you can automatically sell the items in your inventory. Once you have enough money you can rank yourself up to get access to other areas and new sell prices.
    "Can I have OP?":
    No, you cannot.
    "How do I apply for mod?":
    To apply for mod, you need to click the "post new thread" button on the staff application section of forums using the correct format.
    "How do I get a plot?":
    You can claim a plot by going to any open plot and using the command /plotme claim, or automatically using /plotme auto.

    -Please consider me on the staff team! :)
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  2. good application +1
  3. Gut luck u is good admin +1
  4. I love it! I hope you get the job.:D
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  5. Hired. Please pm me to discuss your salary.
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