Hello, JailMiners!

For those of you who are newer around JailMine, I'm TheMcBro and I've previously been the Manager of JailMine during some of its highest peaks.

I will be re-joining the TheMcBro team as a Manager, performing a similar role to that of what I once did. You'll see me doing general server updates, interacting with the community and more importantly - working with bestteamever171 on creating the best environment we can for all to enjoy.

I'd love nothing more than to see older players return to JailMine, and even more to see as many new faces as possible join us over the coming months as we work to improve the network.

I'd really like to start this role by working with you as a community to gain your honest feedback, and to ensure of this - I will be addressing all of your comments / concerns in the replies down below.

I have kept this post purposefully vague, as in truth I have very little information to share with you right now, other than that I know myself and bestteamever171 are committed to restoring previous success to the network. I'd really like to shape what I work on based entirely on your feedback and the most pressing issues on the network.

Thank you for reading and trusting me with another opportunity to work on this network.
Over the past couple of weeks, we've been working away at various updates and bug fixes on all our servers. So below is a big changelog of everything we've added or fixed recently.

This will also be the last changelog inside an announcement post, as we're soon going to release our fully custom update system which will signal updates to a website page, Discord channel, and an in-game GUI by typing /updates. The update system releases with our new website and store in the coming days.

Here's our hefty list of changes we've made recently:
  • Fixed cracked login issues
  • Fixed spawn eggs not working on GTA
  • Fixed the default kits on Prison
  • Fixed NBT exploits on prison causing players to crash
  • Added a dynamic GUI for GTA kits