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by KoalaBoi at 8:36 PM
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Hey Everyone!

I would first like to start off by apologizing for the delay on this announcement, We were still deciding on who we thought was good enough to become apart of our Staff Team. You might of probably realised already by viewing the staff tab at the top of screen, but this thread confirms that those people got it. We have decided to only expand our Prison Server Staff by one, and instead we have chosen to expand our Staff Team throughout the server, this includes factions and survival. After discussing with best, we can now finally announce the new Staff.

Congratulations to the winners!​
We have also decided not to Promote or Demote any of the current Staff, the Sr.Moderator position is not currently available to be filled. However I'm sure that in the next Staff...
by bestteamever171 at 11:56 AM
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The Top Voters of April are (Monthly Top Voters determined by Prison /Votetop):

1) SacredxxWolfe has won a $15 Coupon
2) Kalilxd has won a $10 coupon.
3) elitetrollz has won a $5 coupon.
henriquegja has won a $25 coupon for being top donator of April.

Please message me for your coupons.
Vote keys have also been doubled for a week in May.

A reset of skyblock have taken place due to bug exploiting.
A permanent ban will be issued next time if bug exploiting is found,
with no chance of being unbanned even with an unban pass. That being said, all valid exploit/bug reports sent directly to me will be rewarded.

Factions & Survival will also be receiving a map reset this month.
by KoalaBoi at 8:37 PM
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Staff Applications are now Open, please follow all regulations when applying. The Staff Application Format has been changed dramatically, and now allows Staff to judge your knowledge of the Server and see if you are an acceptable candidate. Applications close on the 24th of April and will be reviewed until the 29th of April, and on the 30th of April I will Announce the chosen candidates. Answer all questions, pretend that you are a Staff Member helping a New Player. Take your time when Applying, try not to make any mistakes in your application, Good Luck!


The Thread title should be: (your username)'s staff application

Please use this format when applying

In-game name:


Skype (This is required to become a Staff Memeber):

In Game Rank:

What server would you like Jr.Mod on?:

Why would you like to join the team?:

What makes...
by bestteamever171 at 8:08 PM
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The Top Voters of March are:

Please message me for your coupons. The coupon rewards have also been changed.
Starting next month, The top three places will get a coupon.

Vote keys have also been doubled for a week.
There is also a sale of 30% for one week.
Easter warp stay here for one more week.
by bestteamever171 at 12:31 AM
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Hope you enjoyed it! What I typed below is not true and was created for April Fools.

During my time on JailMine I would have never imagined myself writing a post like this ,ever.

I have been running JailMine close to 2 years now and I’ve loved every single moment of it. Despite all of the issues I have ran into running a network of such magnitude, I can honestly say I enjoyed those caffeinated all-nighters and our entire network shutting itself at the most random times. Being the network administrator, I lived for those moments. However, despite the crazy nights and amazing journey, 2 years is a very long time. I have been tied into managing JailMine for so long because it was my passion and after 2 years I think it’s evident that I deserve a break. I am worn out and I have lost connection with the other side of me. I am also constantly being criticised for the decisions I make, and it is evident that some of you are dissatisfied with me being the network administrator....
by KoalaBoi at 10:09 PM
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Hey everyone,

Today is the release of the new Global Rules thread that should now be more easier to use. Punishments for some of the offences have been increased, so keep that in mind.
Please try to follow all rules as close as possible.
The new rules come into effect immediately, please give staff some time to re-learn the rules as this is a big change to the system.

Mute and Ban appeals are to only be dealt by Tier 3+ Staff members.
Tier 1 = Jr.Mod
Tier 2 = Mod
Tier 3+ = Sr.Mod & Admin/Owner
Other staff can comment on the apps to give opinions and tips, but they will not make the final choice.
You may notice that only a few rules are AppealAble, players may not appeal TempBans and Some PermBans, very few rules that are broken allow the player to appeal so keep that in mind aswell.

Any confusion please message me and me only.

Thanks for reading
Jailmine Staff
Senior Staff
by bestteamever171 at 12:09 AM
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Top Voter of the month is SacredxxxWolfe with 128 Votes and he has won a $15 coupon. Second place is Alexwar09 with 126 votes and he has won a $8 Coupon. Top Donator of the month is noammiz007 and he has won a $25 coupon. Nice work and keep voting!
by bestteamever171 at 9:57 PM
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Top Voter of the month is Hadi1238 with 147 Votes and he has won a $15 coupon. Second place is SacredWolfe with 140 votes and he has won a $8 Coupon. Nice work and keep voting!

Prison will be upgrading to 1.8 in 5 days. Make sure everything is in your PVs, inventory or enderchest before the 8th February.
by bestteamever171 at 12:23 AM
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Prison will be upgrading to 1.8 on the 9th of February. May I please advise you to make sure that all your valuables are stored in your pv/enderchest/inventory on the 8th February.

Plotworld will be reset but ranks will stay the same.
/Chest will be permanently Removed after 15th February.

Donor ranks will get their PVs doubled until the 15th of February.
After which the pvs will revert back to normal.
by KoalaBoi at 4:47 PM
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Hey Everyone!

This has been a difficult week for the staff and for bestteamever171, we had a very weird and confusing moment during the announcement of the staff apps.
And due to miscommunication between the staff, some of the results of the voting we're "Rejected".
Now this does mean that we (Myself and besteam) had to rethink the people who we're going to be fully accepted, 3 of you we're "Not suitable" to become staff, which unfortunately does mean that you won't be getting Jr.Mod and you people will know who you are...

But, after a long think over we are now ready to announce the new staff...

For Prison - Bananacake23, Zapbod and Themanwithaplan
For GTA - frans12 and Asysummer

Congratulations to all of you!

We also have a staff member being promoted to Mod!
127omrin has been Jr.Mod for a very long time and has shown commitment to the server
Congratulations 127omrin.

We hope that the next Staff Applications will be more controlled and timed for all staff to give their...