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Hello Everyone,

Every staff application ends up being a tough decision. Anyone who's staff application got into the Shortlist had a very well written application, however after careful though and consideration with the staff team we have decided to choose the following players. We also retired one of our longest serving staff members @KoalaBoi, Thank you for your service and your contributions will not be forgotten.

The new Staff are:

@xxArchangelx & @bananacakes23 & @LoaDxVision - Prison

@fluffy67813 - Survival

@keimpe1234 - Skyblock

Thanks for everyone submitting their application, but unfortunately not everyone can be accepted.
Here are a few points to consider why you were not accepted:

1) Behaviour (We cannot have staff members who harrass/bully other members)
2) Activeness (You must have played a few months to be considered)
3) Ban History (We cannot have rule...
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ridoy_killer99 is the top Voter of November and he has won a $15 coupon, LegenD110 has won a $10 Coupon and Spainosa has won a $5 coupon. _Hazed_ is the top Donor of November and he has won a $25 Coupon!​

Staff application are now closed!
Apply Here: http://www.jailmine.co.uk/index.php?forums/applications.26/
Congratulations! Please message me for your coupons!​
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asysummer is the Top Voter of October and he has won a $15 coupon, LegenD110 has won a $10 Coupon and Mr_Coringabr has won a $5 coupon.

Logaan42 is the top Donor of October and he has won a $25 Coupon!

Congratulations! Please message me for your coupons!
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LeGenD110 is the Top Voter of September and he has won a $15 coupon. MrKillerEST is the Top Donor of September and he has won a $25 Coupon! Congratulations! Please message me for your coupons!
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Helllloo Everyone,

Tonight is the night that I announce the new Staff of Septembers Applications. As always every staff applications that we do end up with a very difficult decision. Everyone's staff application that got into the Shortlist was very well written had a very good chance of making it through.

The new Staff are:

@afranco567 & @LeGenD110 - Prison

@EvilGamesBR - GTA

Thanks for everyone submitting their application, but unfortunately not everyone can be accepted so we accepted the ones that we though were very good.
The new staff have been messaged a Welcome Message and will start moderating the servers ASAP.
Please do not ask questions about the choices or anything to do with your application itself.

Thanks again

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Hey everyone,

Sorry for the very quick change to the Application Format thread. I have made 1-2 changes to the thread regarding Age, Punishment history and Discord.

When posting your application you need link your own punishment history page so during the final stages I can check the history and see if you have any Serious Punishments.

The age change is you have to be a minimum of 14 years old, you can no longer ask for Age permissions from me meaning 14 is the lowest you can be.

You will now need Discord instead of Skype to become a Staff Member, this communications application is needed for Staff to communicate to each other instantly.

Thanks for understand, further changes could be coming to the Applications thread including separate application threads for different servers. But that will come at a later date.

If you hve already posted your application please read this thread and make the appropriate changes to your application.

Updated thread -...
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The Top Voter of August is nika2377 and he has won a $15 coupon! keroch123 and jockethe34 has each won $10 and $5 respectively. The Top Donor Coupon of $25 goes to EdiRus. Please message me for you coupons. Also make sure you vote so you can win this month! Staff application are also open once again!
Apply Here: http://www.jailmine.co.uk/index.php?forums/26/
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Today I present you JailMine's own Youtube player. You can join through: JailMine.co.uk/music

Lobby Channel: jailmine.co.uk:8080/r/Lobby

Some minor bugs can be expected, but the majority
of the features run relatively well, mobile support is also added.

Have fun!
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  • What is SquidHQ?
    SquidHQ is your standard Minecraft launcher with just one minor change. It allows you to join any Minecraft server, regardless of its state with Mojang’s blacklisting decisions.
  • Why use SquidHQ?
    If your favorite Minecraft server is blacklisted by Mojang, this launcher will allow you to easily bypass it without jumping through any hoops along the way. Player using SquidHQ will also be rewarded with an Exclusive squid pet, more info coming soon!
More info on SquidHQ here:
F.A.Q.: https://squidhq.com/faq/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SquidHQ
Website: https://squidhq.com/
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Prison is getting a massive revamp with new features and plugins being added, JailMine's prison has been running for close to 3 years now with no resets, and in order to revive the prison server a total reset is completely necessary. Donated ranks, keys and items will be recovered.

Please message me if you are missing your donor rank.

Update 1: This revamp could take 2 hours to 24 hours.
Update 2: Kits are being buffed as we are turning half-op
Update 3: Will take around 1 day to complete, should be ready late Saturday.
Update 4: I am almost done, will be doing some testing in the next couple of hours to make sure everything works.
Update 5: Prison was dying slowly anyway, a reset was necessary.