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  1. My In-Game Name: joserruxo

    Age: 14

    Month born (if under 14, delete this query if you are 14/over): 6/13/2005

    My main Language(s): english

    Timezone/Country: united states

    What server would you like to be staff on?: prison.

    Your in Donor Rank(s): i do not have one but i will buy one.

    How active are you on the server?: very i enjoy playing on this server.

    How long have you been a member of JailMine?: not too long, however i've played prison servers before where i was a mod.

    Supporting statement (How will you contribute & what makes you different than other players; make sure you add detail): i will be an active and friendly mod who is willing to help anybody who needs help and im extremely friendly.

    What are your main strengths?: my main strengths are being really friendly, knowing a lot about the game, and knowing how to solve problems.

    Your punishment history: I do not have a punishment history, I dont aim to get into any trouble

    Why should we accept you? (What are your aims + how will you help the server): my goal is to make the server a better place for all, I can start by being a friendly mod and helping anybody who needs help.

    Any other things you would like to add?: I am very responsible and I do not abuse powers when they are granted to me I prefer to help others when they need it mosy just like in real life

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